French Drain installationInstalling a French Drain is the best way to prevent water damage along your home and its landscaped areas.

Want to keep rainwater runoff away from your home? Installing in-ground drainage pipes is fast & affordable!
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The aesthetics of this type of yard drainage system is beautiful and functional. They often look like shallow rock or stone-covered ditches.

When you need to channel water away from areas of your yard quickly and efficiently, these are the way to go.

French Drain Installation

Installing this type of perforated pipe and rock drainage system is best left to the experts. At Alabama Landcrafters, decades of experience make us the safe choice to put one in at your home.

French drains work by quickly allowing water absorption into an underground pipe and then whisking it away to a safer location on your property. In turn, it prevents water from pooling and penetrating your home.

Constructing these occurs by digging a trench along the side of the problem areas. Next, we lower a cloth-covered and perforated PVC pipe into the trench. Finally, rocks or stones lay on top to form the French Drain. Being higher on one end and terminating slightly lower at the other end, gravity pushes the water through the pipe. Sometimes we remove small areas of sod if the drain is located in that area.

How Much Does A French Drain Cost?

Knowing that you need help with draining excess or runoff water away from your home is important. Paying for it is concerning too. As of October 2022, the cost to install a french drain average $500 for small ones and $1200 for bigger ones. The amount of labor, the length of the drain, and the materials needed all contribute to the actual price paid.

Obstacles like underground rock, concrete, walls, irrigation, and tree roots don’t prevent installation but increase prices accordingly. All in all, preventing expensive water damage makes this one of the best returns on investment you can make.

We install French Drains in Gadsden, Rainbow City, Southside, Attalla, Hokes Bluff, and Glencoe.

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