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Planting grass by seed takes a lot of time to get the best results. Enjoy a beautiful green lawn now without the wait!
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If you didn’t already know, sod is sections of pre-grown grass and soil from a sod farm transplanted elsewhere to create a new lawn.

Whether you want to remove and replace your old lawn or grassy area or install a new one, we have the expertise to do it right. We recommend and install irrigation systems to water it too.

Sod Installation Services

Since we’re the expert sod installers in the area, knowing everything about the best types of sod grass is important. Sunny, shaded, wet, and dry areas require the right variety to grow and thrive. Yard drainage is a consideration too.

Here in north central Alabama, heat, rain, and the occasional drought play a big role when it comes to installation areas. That’s why choosing the right variety of grass for the conditions of your yard means so much. The turfgrass looks great immediately after it’s installed, but it needs to look that way weeks and months later too.

We have an excellent reputation for being local sod installers who deliver the best lawn results. Our workmanship and cleanup afterward are thorough and meticulous. You won’t regret hiring us for this common landscape installation service.

Best Sod For Alabama Lawns

Want to know the best sod for our climate here in Alabama? Depending on your needs, it could be one of five species of grass. The five most common sod grass used in Alabama are Centipede, Zoysia, Bermuda, St Augustine, and Fescue. While many of them share common growing needs, they do differ based on usage requirements.

For instance, will there be a lot of foot traffic on it? Is the planting area shaded, partially shaded, or in full sun? These questions must be answered in order to determine the best sod installation option for your new lawn.

Turfgrass like Zoysia is beautiful, heat and drought-resistant, and can even grow in partial shade. While fescue thrives during the cooler months of the year.

We provide professional and affordable sod installation in Gadsden, Rainbow City, Southside, Attalla, Hokes Bluff, and Glencoe.

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