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Automatic lawn and landscape watering is the best way to hydrate the grass, plants, and trees around your home. It’s the only way to water these areas efficiently and economically.

Whether you need to water specific areas around your property by well, city water, or lake pump, we have the skills and expertise to install it properly.

Landscape Irrigation Systems

Having the ability to water your lawn and other areas automatically requires the installation of an irrigation system. So, what are they? Defined, it’s the mechanical application of water (well, city water, pond, or lake) onto the grass, plants, or soil via a planned system of pipes, pumps, tubes, and spray heads.

More specifically, in-ground and above-ground sprinklers take water from a supply source and distribute it automatically throughout your yard. While they’re complex in nature, maintenance is simple when installed properly. Also, they won’t interfere with landscape lighting or French drains.

Some of the benefits of having one at your home are as follows:

  • Water Conservation. You’re only using water for the amount of time necessary to hydrate sod and plants.
  • Weed Control. Sprinkler systems target landscaping areas and keep water away from weed-prone walkways and walls.
  • Automatic Watering. No more dragging hoses across the yard in the hot Alabama heat.

When rain is scarce or not frequent enough to keep your lawn and landscaping it’s best, this landscape installation service pays off quickly.

Irrigation System Installation Cost 2022

Have you wondered if getting automatic sprinklers installed could fit within your budget? There’s good news! As of October 2022, the average cost of installing irrigation systems ranges between $500 to $900 for small areas and $1200 to $2200 for larger ones. Lower prices or slightly higher ones depend upon factors like size, quantity, materials, etc.

Keeping costs fair and affordable for our customers is just as important to us as providing the quality watering system we install.

We install irrigation systems for customers located in Gadsden, Rainbow City, Southside, Attalla, Hokes Bluff, and Glencoe.

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